The Cosmetic Chemist Crossword Puzzle Mania


Cosmetic Ingredients – Solutions


1. Antiperspirant ingredient (two words). (aluminumchlorohydrate)
2. The most commonly used solvent in cosmetics (INCI name). (aqua)
3. Emulsifier from eggs that stabilizes mayonnaise and some cosmetic emulsions. (lecithin)
4. Polysaccharide ingredient derived from sea weed. (alginate)
5. Vitamin E. (tocopherol)
6. This aromatic oil gives a cool sensation. (menthol)

1. Common oil found in lipstick preparations. (castor)
2. Universal thickener in cosmetic formulations. (carbomer)
3. One of the most common ingredients used for moisturization. (glycerine)
4. A glycosaminoglycan that is typically used as a moisturizing agent in skin care formulations (two words). (hyaluronicacid)
5. Common surfactant class used in sulfate-free shampoos. (sulfosuccinates)
6. Chelating agent. (edta)
7. A clay used to thicken oils. (bentonite)
8. The only FDA approved UVA sunscreen filter. (avobenzone)
9. Natural alternative to petroleum based glycols. (propanediol)
10. This ingredient is often found in after-sun products (two words). (aloevera)
11. Ingredient to treat acne vulgaris (two words). (benzoylperoxide)
12. Skin occlusive agent. (petrolatum)
13. Solvent found in nail polish remover. (acetone)
14. Ingredient used to adjust the pH of shampoo (two words). (citricacid)