illustration of two woman drinking coffeeCoffee and its Role in Skin Care

by The Cosmetic Chemist Staff
June 15, 2017

Body/facial scrubs, eye creams, cellulitis products, moisturizing creams, and soaps containing coffee have been all the rage in the skin care arena. Coffee has been shown to prevent accumulation of fat in the skin, act as a photoprotectant against UV radiation, and assist in drainage of lymphatic tissue. Recent interest stems from several large-scale epidemiology studies that demonstrate a positive correlation between coffee consumption and decreased incidenced of nonmelanoma skin carcinomas.

illustration of a female author writingAuthors, Guest Authors, and Ghost Authors: Does it Matter to the Cosmetic Scientist?

By Gopinathan K. Menon and Roger L. McMullen
June 15, 2017

Aspiring scientists are usually made aware of the authorship guidelines by ethical mentors, journal editorials, or critical commentaries, or by the bitter experience of becoming a ghost author. This is a great concern for both academicians and industrial scientists as it affects the credibility of an institution.

illustration of a man and woman putting together a light bulbThe Cosmetic Chemist Crossword Puzzle Mania

Win a $50 gift card!!! The subject of this month’s crossword puzzle is Sunscreen Technology. We will give out a $50 gift card to the first person who sends us this month's crossword puzzle with the correct answers.

Complete the crossword puzzle.

illustration of sustainability of the EarthResearch Group in the Spotlight – Designing Sustainable Cosmetics and Personal Care Products

This month's research group comes to us from the University of Leeds. Led by Dr. Richard Blackburn, the key areas of research focus of the group center around the principles of sustainability and how these principles can be applied in the fields of materials science, coloration technology, and cosmetics.















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