The Cosmetic Chemist Crossword Puzzle Mania

February 15, 2017

Please print and complete the crossword puzzle below. Once completed, scan the crossword puzzle and send it to The Cosmetic Chemist's Staff Manager, Silvia Mendiola Buj. The first contestant that sends a correct crossword puzzle is eligible to win a $50 gift card.


blank crossword puzzle

1. A common antioxidant that is used to help prevent oxidation in formulations (not BHA, but...).
2. A flavolignan found in the milk thistle plant.
3. A stilbenoid found in the skin of red grapes. It has received much attention due to its cardiovascular benefits.
4. Endogenous antioxidant enzyme responsible for breaking down the superoxide anion radical (two words).
5. Free radical scavenger, which is also the major pigment of skin and hair.
6. This antioxidant is found in the Indian spice tumeric and is used in traditional Hindu medicine (Ayurveda).
7. Endogenous antioxidant enzyme responsible for the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide.

1. Assay commonly used to test antioxidant efficacy (acronym).
2. Well know lipid-soluble antioxidant found in the seeds of many plants.
3. Class of antioxidants that are polyphenols (name comes from the Latin word for yellow).
4. Essential water-soluble antioxidant that must be obtained through the diet (or topical application). Some mammals have the ability to synthesize it, but humans lack the necessary enzyme (two words).
5. Type of antioxidants found in green tea.
6. An isoflavone found in soy beans.
7. Antioxidant found in black tea.
8. Thiol based antioxidant with a very high redox potential (two words).
9. These antioxidants provide fruits and vegetables with a variety of colors. The most well known from this class is found in carrots.
10. This endogenous lipid-soluble antioxidant also plays an important role as an electron carrier in the mitochondrial electron transport chain (two words).
11. Reactive oxygen species that is an excited species of ground state molecular oxygen (two words).