The Cosmetic Chemist Crossword Puzzle Mania

March 15, 2017

Please print and complete the crossword puzzle below. Once completed, scan the crossword puzzle and send it to The Cosmetic Chemist's Staff Manager, Silvia Mendiola Buj. The first contestant that sends a correct crossword puzzle is eligible to win a $50 gift card.

Hair Morphology and Structure

crossword puzzle

1. Proteins that connect the crystalline phase to the amorphous matrix (three words).
2. This type of hair (ethnic origen) contains equal amounts of ortho- and para-like cortical cells.
3. Higher ordered structures of proteins in cortical cells.

1. Important fatty acid that is covalently attached to cuticle cells and forms the cuticle cell membrane (two words).
2. Protein that consistutes the crystalline phase of the hair cortex.
3. The crystalline phase proteins in the cortex are embedded in this substance (two words).
4. A higher ordered structure formed by the crystalline phase proteins (two words).
5. Outer layer of the cuticle cell about 25 angstroms thick and mostly proteinaceous.
6. Very highly crosslinked (disulfide and isodipeptide bonds) lamellar structure of the cuticle (two words). It is about 100 nm thick and contains greater than 30% cystine.
7. Brown/black pigment found in hair.
8. Red/yellow pigment found in hair.
9. Less cross-linked, physically softer lamellar layer of the cuticle.
10. The delta layer, which acts as an intercellular cement between two cuticle cell membranes, is believed to be composed of this type of molecule.
11. This type of hair (ethnic origen) contains very little or no ortho-like cortical cells.
12. These types of lipids are thought not to play a structural role in the hair fiber, but provide lubrication to the hair shaft.