The Cosmetic Chemist Crossword Puzzle Mania

April 15, 2017

Please print and complete the crossword puzzle below. Once completed, scan the crossword puzzle and send it to The Cosmetic Chemist's Staff Manager, Silvia Mendiola Buj. The first contestant that sends a correct crossword puzzle is eligible to win a $50 gift card.

Perfumery and Olfaction

crossword puzzle

1. Part of the brain involved in olfaction.
2. Class of perfumery ingredients.
3. Reduced sensitivity to odors.
4. Ingredient that prolongs the odor of a perfume.

1. This word was derived from the latin "per fumen".
2. Flower petals soaked in fat form this type of product.
3. To assess perfumes, perfumers use these paper strips (two words).
4. The most volatile fragrances in a perfume are known as _____________ (two words).
5. The longest lasting fragrances in a perfume are known as _____________ (two words).
6. The mechanism of smelling.
7. A neural structure involved in olfaction (two words).
8. This class of compounds is commonly found in perfume products.
9. Perfume ingredient that comes from the Sperm Whale.
10. An old technique to extract essential oils.