The Cosmetic Chemist Crossword Puzzle Mania

May 15, 2017

Please print and complete the crossword puzzle below. Once completed, scan the crossword puzzle and send it to The Cosmetic Chemist's Staff Manager, Silvia Mendiola Buj. The first contestant that sends a correct crossword puzzle is eligible to win a $50 gift card.


Skin Photoaging

crossword puzzle

1. These enzymes, which degrade the extracellular matrix, are upregulated as a result of chronic UV light exposure.
2. The dermal _____ network is altered in photoaged skin.

1. In addition to UV radiation, eposure to this type of light has also been shown to contribute to photoaging of skin.
2. Photoaging is a type of _____ aging of skin.
3. _____ aging is the normal aging process of skin.
4. Damage to this molecular architecture is a hallmark of photoaging.
5. A histological feature of photoaging in skin in which there is a _____ dermal-epidermal junction.
6. There are fewer immune and _____ cells in the dermis as a result of photoaging.
7. Smaller quantities of _____ cells in the epidermis are found in photoaged skin.
8. Photodamaged skin appears _____.
9. _____ spots are due to hyper pigmentation.
10. An extracellular matrix protein in skin affected by photoaging.
11. _____ material is a modified form of an important structural protein in skin. Its modification leads to disorganization in the dermis.