The Cosmetic Chemist Crossword Puzzle Mania


Sunscreen Technology – Solutions

1. Vitamin D is produced as a result of exposure to the sun. This compound, 7-_____, is a precursor of vitamin D. (dehydrocholesterol)
2. Sunburn. (erythema)
3. This class of sunscreens is characterized by aromatic ketone functionality and includes avobenzone as one of its members. (benzophenones)
4. Sunscreens protect against this type of light. (ultraviolet)
5. Botanical ingredient used to treat sunburn (two words). (aloevera)
6. Para-amino benzoic acid. (PABA)

1. Inorganic sunscreen agent (two words). (titaniumdioxide)
2. Sun _____ factor. (protection)
3. Popular UV filters for protecting against UVB radiation. (cinnamates)
4. First UV filters ever used in sunscreens. (salicylate)
5. Delayed pigmentation of the skin. (tanning)
6. The clinical symptoms of this condition include development of deep furrows, telangiecstasia, decreased elasticity, and mottled pigmentation. (photoaging)
7. To minimize whitening, the _____ of inorganic sunscreens is reduced (two words). (particlesize)
8. Something worn that can provide protection from the sun. (textiles)
9. _____ derivatives are bicyclic compounds. (camphor)