The Cosmetic Chemist Crossword Puzzle Mania


The Epidermis – Solutions


10. One of the components of intermediate filaments. (protofibril)
12. _______ bodies. (lamellar)
13. Defective metabolism of this compound is found in patients with ichthyosis vulgaris. (cholesterol)
14. The stratum basale layer used to be called stratum _______. (germinativum)
15. Structural protein of the cornified envelope. (loricrin)
16. Building block of the ceramides. (sphingosine)
17. Muscle associated with the pilosebacious unit. (arrector)

1. Langerhans cells and melanocytes are this type of cell. (dendritic)
2 The prickle cell layer. (spinosum)
3. Natural moisturizing factor comes from _______. (filaggrin)
4. These cells are mechanoreceptors. (Merkel)
5. _______ granules have activity in the stratum corneum. (keratohyalin)
6. Melanin granules are packaged in _______. (melanosomes)
7. Sentinel of the immune system. (Langerhans)
8. Essential omega fatty acid. (linolenic)
9. Lipids found in the stratum corneum. (ceramides)
11. Cell type specific to the epidermis. (keratinocyte)