The Cosmetic Chemist Crossword Puzzle Mania


Shampoo Technology – Solutions


1. Point at which a micelle forms (three words). (criticalmicelleconcentration)
2. Some conditioning agents in shampoos are derived from this type of bean. (guar)
3. This molecule is often used as an alternative for sodium lauryl sulfate due to its lower degree of irritation. (SLES)
4. Surfactants are dervied from ________ acids. (fatty)
5. One of the first commercially successful shampoos based on coacervate technology. (pert)

1. Typically used to thicken shampoos. (salt)
2. Members of this class of molecules are used as foam boosters. (alkanolamides)
3. Another word for a detergent molecule. (surfactant)
4. Certain molecules in a shampoo form this type of colloidal structure. (micelle)
5. Molecules added to the shampoo to provide dry conditioning. (silicones)
6. Insoluble structure that helps with the deposition of silicone onto the hair. (coacervate)
7. Antidandruff agent (two words). (zincpyrithione)
8. Principal solvent in a shampoo. (water)
9. These must be added to shampoos to prevent microbial growth. (preservatives)
10. Sodium lauryl sulfate is derived from this oil. (coconut)
11. The charge character of this type of molecule is pH dependent. (zwitterion)
12. All surfactants have this in common. (amphipathic)
13. Law governing the shape of bubbles, or why bubbles are spherical. (Laplace)