Gill Westgate, Ph.D.

photograph of gill westgate

Dr. Gill Westgate, Cell Biologist and Biochemist, obtained a Ph.D. in Regulation of Hair Growth and the Hair Cycle from the University of Utrecht in 1997. Her industry experience was obtained at Unilever Research in the UK, where she led their Hair Biology research programme for many years. During this time, Dr. Westgate developed in vitro models that provided both fundamental understanding of the regulation of hair growth as well as scientific claims support for several global hair-care brands. She established a consultancy business in 2003, and continues to combine her experience and knowledge of skin and hair science with the needs of R&D in industry to help companies scope, design, and implement projects. In 2009, Dr. Westgate joined the Centre for Skin Sciences, University of Bradford, UK. Dr. Westgate continues to publish articles on various aspects of hair biology and works in collaboration with Scientists and Dermatologists in both academia and industry. She is a member of the SID and Immediate Past President of the European Hair Research Society.