Spotlight – Skin Research Group

photograph of olga lopez serrano

Olga López Serrano
Biophysics of Lipids and Interfaces Group
Department of Chemical Technology and Surfactants
Institute of Advanced Chemistry of Catalonia
Spanish National Research Council
Barcelona, Spain
Tel: +34 93 400 61 63

The activities of the Biophysics of Lipids and Interfaces group, led by Dr. Olga López, are focused on the study of biophysical, biochemical, physico-chemical, and technological aspects applied to biological substrates, in which lipids play a relevant role. Our research is based on the study of colloidal systems such as liposomes, micelles, bicelles, and bicosomes, and also on the understanding of complex biological tissues, particularly the skin.

In addition, the group focuses on the adaptation of high resolution technologies (electron microscopy, electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy, x-ray scattering, and several synchrotron light based techniques, among others) to the study of both colloidal systems as well as cutaneous tissue. Over the past two years, the group has concentrated on the study of free radical formation in the skin and on the degradation of proteins from the extracellular matrix by solar radiation, and how advanced lipid systems can alleviate these phenomena.

The general aims pursued in our research seek to determine the final technological applicability of novel technologies in an industrial field. However, because of the challenges of the raised issues, the group always carries out initial basic research to obtain information that facilitates an approach that will be applicable in industry. Dr. López's group has an entrepreneurial profile that was consolidated with the creation in 2012 of the start-up company Bicosome S.L. The aim was to create a company that could transform the knowledge of the research group into dermatological and cosmetic products that improve people's quality of life.