illustration of microbiotaSkin Microbiome and Cosmetic Products: Facts and Fiction

By Gopinathan K. Menon and Roger L. McMullen

The skin microbiome has been a hot topic for quite some time in skin research and for researchers. Both consumers and the cosmetic industry have boarded the bandwagon—sometimes with different end results in focus. There is a large and growing consumer base who believes that the skin microbiome is a rather delicate component of skin, which is ‘endangered’ by chemical and biological assaults from the ingredients (actives and preservatives) in personal care products.

emulsionParticle Stabilized Emulsions in Cosmetics

By The Cosmetic Chemist Staff

Emulsions are important formulation vehicles that are found in many types of products in the personal care market place. Most conventional emulsions contain surfactants, which help emulsify, solubilize, disperse the discontinuous phase, and stabilize the emulsion. In a recent review of the literature, Amin and coworkers examine the feasibility of using particles to carry out these functions in emulsions.
























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