illustration of the sunEffect of UV, Blue, and Visible Light on the Skin and its Appendages

by Natallia E. Uzunbajakava, Denise Falcone, and Gill Westgate

As early humans evolved under the influence of the Sun’s radiation, they developed mechanisms both to efficiently utilize light to perform key physiological functions, such as vitamin D production, and to protect the body against excessive doses of this part of the electromagnetic spectrum through evolution of very dark skin as we developed a more hairless body. In this article we highlight some of the recent pearls and new developments in our knowledge on the therapeutic effect of light for skin and hair health, and trends in photodermatology.

illustration of a womanPhotodamage of Dyed Hair

by The Cosmetic Chemist Staff

Photodamage of hair leads to morphological and chemical damage to the mature hair shaft. In a recent publication, researchers investigated the effect of UV radiation on dyed hair. The focus of this study is on the effects of transition metals (iron and copper) from the dyeing process on photo-oxidative processes in hair.

map of canadaMajor Regulating Consultation Announced in Canada

by Robert Ross-Fichtner and Dayna Lozon

Health Canada has announced a consultation on a major regulatory reform that will affect Cosmetics, Natural Health Products, and OTC drugs. They have coined the term “Consumer Health Products” for these three consumer product areas. Currently, the three categories of products fall under three different regulations: Cosmetic Regulations, Natural Health Product Regulations, and Food and Drug Regulations.

illustration of a man and woman putting together a light bulbThe Cosmetic Chemist Crossword Puzzle Mania

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illustration of lipids

Research Group in the Spotlight

Yoshikazu Uchida, Ph.D.
University of California – San Francisco

This month's featured research group comes to us from the Department of Dermatology at the University of California – San Francisco. Their latest work involves the elucidation of sphingolipid signaling mechanisms in skin.
















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molecular structure of dimethicone









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