illustration of a Langerhans cellKnow Your Skin Cells: IV. The Langerhans Cells

By Carine Mainzer

Langerhans cells are immune sentinels located in the epidermal layer of skin. With their long dendrites, which protrude through keratinocytes tight junctions to capture external antigens, they are able to sense danger at the surface of the skin and trigger, accordingly, inflammatory or tolerant immune responses. Langerhans cells are key players in inflammatory skin diseases including irritant and allergen-induced contact dermatitis, and are often used to assess the safety of personal care products.

illustration of marine speciesPersonal Care Ingredients Derived from Marine Species

By The Cosmetic Chemist Staff

In recent years, there has been a significant amount of interest in the personal care industry to discover novel compounds derived from marine fungi, algae, bacteria, and other species. The world’s oceans comprise rougly two-thirds of the Earth’s surface and provide a marine ecosystem for innumerable species of living organisms. These species must endure a variety of environmental conditions, which has lead to the evolution of a number of metabolites with unique properties.























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molecular structure of dihydroxyacetone













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