The Cosmetic Chemist Crossword Puzzle Mania

November 15, 2016

Please print and complete the crossword puzzle below. Once completed, scan the crossword puzzle and send it to The Cosmetic Chemist's Staff Manager, Silvia Mendiola Buj. The first contestant that sends a correct crossword puzzle is eligible to win a $50 gift card. Read this month's feature article, Decoding and Modulating the Color of Human Skin, for clues.

Pigmentation Technology

crossword puzzle

Melanin and tyrosinase are also found in these fungi.
11. Cells responsible for the manufacture of melanin.
13. Specialized organelles that transport melanin.
15. The active site of the enzyme tyrosinase contains this metal ion.
16. Melanin is deposited in the supranuclear area of this type of cell.
17. This disease leads to destruction of melanocytes.
18. A reconstructed tissue model to study epidermis and melanocytes.

A type of mark associated with skin photoaging.
2. Melanocytes are derived by these types of cells (two words, no space in between them).
3. Amino acid precursor in the synthesis of both black/brown and red/yellow melanins.
5. Important intermediate in the melanin synthetic pathway.
6. Melanin is also found in this organ of the body.
7. A key enzyme responsible for melanin synthesis.
8. The red/yellow pigment in skin and hair.
9. System used to classify skin types according to their degree of pigmentation.
10. Amino acid that is incorporated in the melanin structure in an intermediate step of the synthesis of red/yellow melanins.
11. Enzymes that modulate the melanin biosynthetic pathway are located in this membrane.
12. A genetic hypopigmentary disorder.
14. The brown/black pigment in skin and hair.