Skin Care Innovation

Will the U.S. Supreme Court Drive Dermatologic Innovation Toward Devices?

The Advent of the PhoneGnostic

Decoding and Modulating the Color of Human Skin

The Role of Quantitative Optical Methods for Personalized Skin Care Solutions: Perspectives Offered by In Vivo Reflectance Confocal Microscopy, Raman Microspectroscopy and Near-infrared Microspectroscopy

Final Farewell to a Friend, Philosopher, and Guide: Nik Kollias

An Interview with Richard Guy, One of the Most Accomplished Researchers in Skin Science

Glycolic Acid: Friend or Foe

The "Acid Mantle" of Stratum Corneum: Real and Universal, or in Need of Re-evaluation?

Essential Oils and Hydrosols in Cosmetics

Stretch Marks (Striae Distensae) and its Treatment

Skin Barrier and the Cosmetic Scientist

Glycerol as a Smart Moisturizer

Methylene Blue: An Anti-aging Compound and Antioxidant for Cosmetic Chemists

To Tattoo or Not to Tattoo...

Skin and Bone—The "Sunshine" Hormone, Vitamin D, Connection

Skin, Hair, and Other Non-visual Tissues Can "See" Light with Opsins: A Bright Future for Light-based Therapies?

UV Photographic Imaging – Sunscreens and Skin

Skin Microbiome and Cosmetic Products: Facts and Fiction

The Beauty and the Beast in Tandem: Glycerin and Ozone Together Tackle the Dark Spots?

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